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Pet Sitting Rates (both dog and cat) :


- $20 per visit for one 1 pet visit (usually 45 minutes)


- $25 per visit for one 2 pet visit


- $5 additional for a major holiday such as Christmas, New Years Day, Easter, Memorial day, Forth-of-July, Labor day, and Thanksgiving.


- These rates on this Website are intended only as general rates:

The rate may vary depending on any special needs of the pet(s) in question, travel distance, number of pets above, and any other variables . The final rate will be agreed upon will be put in writing and signed by the both the client and the Able Pet Services representative.


During these visits all agreed upon services such as dog walking and feeding, cat feeding and cleaning will be performed.



Listed below are extra services provided at no additional cost as part of the standard visit/walk:


Before Able Pet Services attend to any of your pet needs, we will provide you with an in-home consultation for 30 to 60 minutes at no charge to you. At this consultation we will provide you with:

- Our official references, and pictorial review of our 8 years of pets that have been attended to.

- Proof of our pet insurance, which covers your pet and your home.

- Preparation of a form on your pet needs including all health and veterinary information.

- Meeting your pet(s) and reviewing all routines and procedures relating to your pet(s).


Special free services related directly to pet visits include:

- Daily written reports that can be in the form of phone text messages, email, or handwritten notes.

- Photographs of your beloved pets, and occasionally digital movies.


Other special services include:

- Bringing in the mail/packages.

- Putting out trash or bringing in trash containers.

- Turn on or off lights in rotation for security purposes.

- Watering plants.

- Implementing any security needs.

- Monitor and adjust environmental controls

Able Pet Services - Pet sitting, dog walking covering Harrisburg, Hershey, Hummelstown, Middletown, and most of southern Dauphin county.